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the person legally entitled to inherit the property of someone who dies intestate

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Francis Rupert is always described as the eldest son and heir-at-law of Adam Rupert of Osnabruck and, as such, he probably kept an interest in the property his father abandoned in Johnstown, New York.
Since he was accepted as the eldest son and heir-at-law of his father, his parents must have been married at the time of his birth.
* Adam F., eldest son and heir-at-law, born 1792-93 if 57 in 1849.
On those eight nights for which box-office receipts survive (all at Covent Garden, 1797-1800), the play grossed on average roughly [pounds]481.(3) James Boaden wrote, 'Whatever doubts might exist as to the merits of other plays by Colman junior, not the slightest was ever heard about The Heir-at-Law. It was one of the gayest among modern comedies .
Much later, in 1827 Thomas Ross heir-at-law and eldest son of Epsey and John Ross sold her grant in Mountain Township, Dundas County.