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Synonyms for heinousness

the quality of passing all moral bounds

Synonyms for heinousness

the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane

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But in light of the heinousness of the crime, the intent of the minor and the fact that he is just a few months short of turning 18, Tirath said: " Technically he is still a minor, but it's hard to ignore his intention.
While I have attempted to test for the factors reflected in the Crawford-line decisions, it is possible that other facts about each case--the characteristics of the offender and victim, the heinousness of the charged crime, and the strength of other evidence--have a role to play.
189) Exercising universal jurisdiction over acts of maritime piracy is warranted because of the general heinousness of the crime and the fact that it is directed against ships and persons of any and all nations--disrupting international trade and commerce.
His bill to the chancellor was motivated less out of a concern for his own wellbeing than it was by the "great heinousness that divine service is not kept .
If she was not deterred by the fact that her husband's murderer was trying to seduce her literally over her husband's dead body, his spittle-covered ring further emphasized the heinousness of Richard's aims.
The newspaper said it is time for Israel to stop interfering in Palestinian internal affairs, as well as take notice of the heinousness of its occupation, which violates international law, and reconsider its practices.
Jackson Lee said, "Nowhere should we tolerate the heinousness of the attack on the residents of Camp Ashraf.
The effect of terror is also generated by the readers' possible response to Hop-Frog's heinousness because Poe successfully sustains that effect in the reader due to the incertitude of the protagonist's identity as either man or beast.
192) Though difficult to accept, given the heinousness of the crime, children are "witnesses against the accused" under the Sixth Amendment.
One can scarcely top the heinousness of attacking people while they are enjoying a peaceful festival of sport," Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a statement.
Therefore, giving juries the option to weigh a defendant's youth against the particulars of a crime is dangerous as that option allows juries to ignore the juvenile's age and only focus on the heinousness of the crime.
cases, the trial court concluded that the heinousness of the crime was pivotal to its decision to override.
Perhaps the anxiety generated by the heinousness of sex crimes is offset by imagining a contained subpopulation--regulated, constricted, publicized--as the sole perps.
It is a sad day when the Court of Appeals deviates from its heretofore robust protection of the right to counsel as conceived under the State's Constitution solely because of the proof of guilt and the heinousness of the crimes alleged.
Prosecutors said they indicted Goto even though he was already under a finalized death sentence in light of the heinousness of Kuriyama's alleged murder.