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Synonyms for heinousness

the quality of passing all moral bounds

Synonyms for heinousness

the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane

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Here, heinousness is defined by victim suffering, which is established through medical evidence of physical damage and awareness of impending death.
Under the Pennsylvania Approach, second-degree murder was, initially, created to protect the defendant from mandatory capital punishment if his crime did not meet a certain level of heinousness, and later to protect him from capital punishment altogether.
23) It is the heinousness and gravity of the alleged offence-indeed an international crime (24)--that theoretically justifies the assertion of jurisdiction by national judges, supposedly acting on behalf of the interests of the "international community as a whole.
This was after the Supreme Court reversed the original life imprisonment sentence, because of the crimes' particular heinousness alone.
However despite the heinousness of the crime, a verdict was never reached.
In what can be seen as an updated application of Fredric Jameson's insights in Postmodern ism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (Post-Contemporary Interventions [Durham: Duke University Press, 1991]), Currie specifically situates the new musicology's identity politics as a reflection of the heinousness of this phase in our political history.
Surveys of jurors report that the heinousness of a crime
Her best known pieces, "Bernard's Martyrs" (1879) and "Light in Dark Places" (1883), were particularly vocal about the heinousness of French physiology.
Unfortunately the infamous Delhi-gangrape case has proved to be nothing more than a oneoff incident and atrocities on the fairer sex continue unabated with the perpetrators shocking the nation with the frequency and heinousness of the crime every time it is committed.
York's eldest son, suddenly aware of the heinousness of their action, prevents Richard from killing Margaret: "Hold, Richard, hold; for we have done too much" (3H6.
11) Piracy's "defining characteristic," after all, "is not its heinousness, but that it occurs outside any nation's sovereign territory.
Forgiveness does not mean that we do not realize the heinousness of the crime.
If Libyans are to fail in cleansing themselves of the heinousness of their past they will forever be beset by incessant ruminating.
I could see female snipers carrying sub-machine guns shooting from all angles, reaching climactic levels of apocalyptic heinousness.
If constitutional rights are not vigorously protected for all citizens, regardless of the heinousness of their crimes, then these rights may no longer be relied upon as guaranteed to all of us.