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Synonyms for heightened

intensely sustained, especially in activity

abnormally increased, especially in intensity

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Santiago said ports in Luzon and Visayas were also placed under heightened alert since 'the terror threat is not only concentrated in Mindanao but nationwide.
The cranes will be heightened by inserting leg extensions underneath the portal beams and installing bolted flange junctions in the existing welded crane leg construction.
Manila, Philippines The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) yesterday said it will go on heightened alert starting April 11 until Easter Sunday in anticipation of the influx of ship passengers for the holy week commemoration.
He stressed that solution of heightened civil-military tension should be seek in a democratic way.
Listed property is subject to special heightened substantiation rules.
He noted that control is shifting from providers to users and that today's financial reporting world requires four critical elements: heightened communications between investors and a company; more and varied information than is currently available; giving investors the answers they want; and reduced complexity and heightened transparency.
That's what really heightened my whole idea about what sustainable or good design is.
During the Holiday Blitz, there will be heightened security in movie theaters to prevent illegal camcording.
EasyJet canceled 469 flights in August because of the heightened security, imposed after police said they foiled a plot to bomb US-bound airliners.
If pre-service candidates had the ability to identify and reflect on dispositions that affect teaching and learning, then consider the heightened potential for creating authentic learning communities and optimum student engagement.
Our last forum was held this June in San Diego and covered topics such as the new era of corporate governance, sustaining Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, audit committee effectiveness/best practices and heightened elements of risk for board members.
The disorientation is heightened by druggily saturated, overheated color and fish-eye anamorphoses that bring close closer and push distance farther away.
Inability by progressive reformers (women as well as men) to introduce charter reform in Chicago as a way of rationalizing a "scrambled government" that was marked by a plethora of overlapping and competing authorities, inability to prevent heightened overcrowding in Moscow, and failures to deal with the problems of working-class poverty and exclusion from participation in civic life in Osaka all indicated urban deficits.
A discussion of subpopulations that present with heightened risk factors ensues.
As financial-services companies began a nervous business week following fresh warnings of terrorist threats against specific institutions, risk experts reported the heightened state of alert may pose costs, but ignoring the danger is infinitely more risky.