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the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others

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Being the world's second biggest economy, China can very well take advantage of the natural forces of globalization to establish its hegemony without being too belligerent.
The source concluded its statement by saying that Syria reiterates that the aggression will vanish and the steadfast peoples of Syria and Yemen will triumph over the powers of hegemony and conspiracy and their tools as the Saud Wahhabi regime.
Still others consider hegemony to be synonymous with control of the most power resources.
Khan said that Islamabad wants to resolve all outstanding issues with New Delhi peacefully but Pakistan would not accept any kind of hegemony.
Posen depicts the current grand strategy debate as pitted between two main rivals: liberal hegemony and restraint.
Reading Gramsci (2011) in light of the intellectual tendency of Marxist theory to displace the rhetorical tradition, Aune isolates hegemony as a bridge that can productively create a red rhetoric.
On issues of Palestine, on issues of the Middle East, Syria, human rights, global hegemony, we have problems.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Head of Wataniya political bloc Iyad Alawi stated that "foreign and regional hegemony control the political decision in Iraq".
Namely, when assessment is driven by neoliberalism, it does not advocate assisting students to critique society by examining hegemony, injustice, and oppression.
Orlowski's Teaching About Hegemony is insightful, demonstrative, and necessary.
28 ( ANI ): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reaffirmed that China is committed to pursue peaceful development, dissolving the concerns that a stronger and more prosperous China might seek hegemony.
First it will be argued that Gramsci, in elaborating his theory of hegemony deliberately eschewed the use of the term counter-hegemon)).
Hegemony in International Society, Ian Clark (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011), 288 pp.
Among specific topics are British hegemony and free-trade imperialism, the genesis of high finance, the dialectic of capitalism and territorialism, and the fourth (US) systemic cycle of accumulation.