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a leading or paramount power

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"The root of Europe's and the world's problems was the absence of a benevolent hegemon: a dominant economic power able and willing to take the interests of smaller powers and the operation of the larger international system into account by stabilizing the flow of spending through the global [economy] ...
Adherence to these values suggests a way of overcoming anarchy in international system of politics instead of resorting to unilateral or unbridled power of hegemons. In absence of the liberal order, hegemonic powers were kept in check through resort to balance of power in continental Europe.
China, meanwhile, is a hobbled hegemon, having become dominant without acquiring genuine international appeal.
This interdependence would prove a significant weapon for China to use it against the USA as it becomes a hegemon in coming years.
Particularly in the wake of Brexit, Europe needs a new champion and without strong support from a politically dominant hegemon or hegemonic coalition, the risk that the union will fall apart in new crises is very real.
The pettiness of his trade war with China also does not bode well for relations with our most realistic future rival in the hegemon category.
The study of complex systems suggests that in the absence of a hegemon or global sovereign, it is possible that the aggregate action of all the different institutions and systems operating in the global space can still generate effective coordinated action.
Raza Rabbani further added that some external powers were trying to make India a regional hegemon but we want to make them clear that India can never be a regional hegemon.
seeks to prevent any other great power from becoming a potential regional hegemon, since such an occurrence could eventually pose a threat to the U.S.
In the United States there existed a global hegemon that took its role as a security guarantor seriously (albeit imperfectly), and projected values that Australia could feel comfortable with.
All through history, a central question is who holds power before and who holds it afterwards: who is the hegemon? The French Empire of the 17th century had become the British by the end of the 18th, the American by the 20th.
dotard" -- or when they are chummy like in Singapore -- with surprising compliments and magnanimity between the global hegemon and international pariah State.
Or does it just want the freedom to do whatever it likes as a hegemon?" Hua said.
'This question reflects the nature for the so-called Barisan Nasional coalition, where one party is the hegemon and the other 12 component parties are mere minnows,' he added.
In short, effective trade demands clear rules, typically enforced by a hegemon. In the age of the British Empire, the Royal Navy combated piracy; for the last 75 years, the US Navy has been responsible for keeping sea-lanes open.