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Sudanese sorghums having white seeds

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Hegari was found resistant with least number of adults (78), while M.
57%) showed almost similar percentage weight loss and Hegari (0.
42%) was calculated in Hegari due to low infestation by insect, while M.
Regarding different sorghum genotypes, Hegari was found the most resistant to infestation of T.
Conclusively, it is found that Hegari genotype is the most resistant to infestation of T.
83 cm) was recorded for F-214 but it did not differ significantly with Hegari, Noor and PC-1.
17) for number of leaves per plant but it did not differ significantly from Hegari, JS-2002 and F-9917.
The genotype Hegari proved to be superior over tested varieties for leaf area per plant and its leaf area was 2939 cm2 per plant.
It is quite obvious that genotype Hegari was the best producer of fresh forage (69.
As for as dry matter production is concerned, the genotype Hegari ranking first among the selected genotypes.
The data presented in table 2 showed that likewise higher fresh and dry matter yield the genotype Hegari exhibited the highest value (8.