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Synonyms for heftiness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

Synonyms for heftiness

possessing muscular strength

the property of being large in mass

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The heftiness of this work is as impressive as the quality of the scholarship by which Shaw guides his readers through an amazingly detailed account of violence between the Christian churches of Africa in the Augustinian era, or rather from the beginning of the Donatist dissent from Catholic Christianity until the triumph of the Arian Vandals over the African provinces in the 430s that brought an end to the split.
Nearly two-thirds of overweight people recognise the perils of their heftiness but fail to do anything about it, said Cancer Research UK.
Following a tour in the strategic road project which connects the southern and northern Red Sea regions, the visitors from the college underlined the heftiness of the people and government in developing the nation.
The caption reads "Fruity, yet strong." His heftiness as well as his facial expression serve as the sources of humor--a complete clash with anything even remotely associated with an idealized feminine form.
Instead, the comedy comes directly from our wannabe McClane dealing with his own hindering heftiness.
Our only quarrel is that there are only about four quotes per page, thus the heftiness of the book.
The rest of the world seems to be catching up with the United States in the prevalence of heftiness and obesity, according to a survey of primary care patients in 63 countries.
It doesn't have the heftiness of a drum or a back beat.
Allowing for the injury crisis that had robbed this young, inexperienced side of four key performers, including Australian Martin Love, plus the absence of Paul Collingwood on England duty, the sheer heftiness of the defeat was embarrassing.
Fumento not only condemns heftiness, he pathologizes it, leaping from the observation that being over-weight increases the risk of certain diseases to the conclusion that being overweight is itself a disease.
She can tuck her shirt in and doesn't feel the need to wear bulky shoulder pads to make her midriff appear smaller--both little fashion tricks that overweight people sometimes use to camouflage their heftiness. "I thought that doing those things made me look better," she says.
Thereafter we started to compare the heftiness of each of our handbags.
Javier Mantilla took great offence to the heftiness of the challenge on their team-mate - like Catternole recently arrived.
The poem ends with an equally ethereal expectancy with clouds breaking open and "A shining ridge tilts toward the sun."Despite the occasional handling of the content with frisking light, the heftiness of a state of great commotion, confusion and disquiet is unavoidable as we leaf through the book.
It will easily match the heftiness of the lamb, but watch out for its 14% whack of alcohol.