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Synonyms for heft

the property of being large in mass

test the weight of something by lifting it

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heart of 'in monitor has that hospital Julie take which be the HEFT has struggled to control its financial affairs for some while.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had an uncle named Abu Taleb," Heft said.
Heft uses his book to move away from an excessive concern about the practical and financial issues, acknowledging that a much deeper issue exists behind problems with finances striking at the core of what it means for a school to be Catholic.
This creates a need to put more materials or devices through a smaller ID tube," Heft explains.
The English weekly The Tablet quotes mainly opponents of the document, such as Fathers Richard McBrien and James Heft, Sister Margaret Farley, and Archbishop Rembert Weakland.
Heft, chancellor of the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio, and chair of the Commission on Catholic Scholarship, the group overseeing the institute's formation, the institute will operate independently of the church's hierarchy and of any particular institution.
Heften 1 and 2 of Schumann-Studien appeared in 1988 and 1989, respectively, but a gap of five years intervened before the publication of Heft 3/4.
He lets Tiffany Heft flirt with us as a latter-day Ginger as she merges with the music.
And throughout this period HEFT has had about PS100 million cash reserves - financial pressures have not been the issue.
com)-- New Day Underwriting Managers LLC, an environmental and construction-related professional liability resource for insurance agents and brokers, today announced the promotion of John Heft of Spring City, Pa.
an appraisal management company and provider of appraiser management technology for banks, lenders, credit unions and other mortgage originators, named Richard Heft national operations manager.
HEFT would come together with Good Hope in April to provide health services for the residents of north and east Birmingham, Solihull, Tam-worth, Burntwood and Lichfield, in Staffordshire.
Is this why here in Wales, with its tide of incomers, it's all about a quest for heft, a closer bond with somewhere?
Nor are they likely to have the heft to create a disk with enough material to make Jupiterlike planets.
Thematic heft ``Rosenstrasse'' possesses in spades.