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Synonyms for heft

the property of being large in mass

test the weight of something by lifting it

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As it looks to build in other neighborhoods, the company's projects will be designed to blend in, according to Heft. "It is our responsibility that we are building something that suits the neighborhoods," Heft said.View the full article from Lehigh Valley Business at http://www.lvb.com/article/20190301/LVB01/190309988/city-center-starts-leasing-for-newest-13m-apartment-project.
With nearly three decades of environmental underwriting experience, Heft is an expert at developing risk management solutions with major brokerage firms, insurance carriers and environmental consultants representing the chemical, petrochemical, energy, manufacturing, commercial and habitational real estate, universities and healthcare fields.
How many people out there, with wide local excisions, had recurrences and had secondary cancer?" HEFT said 1,206 patients seen by Paterson had mastectomies and of those, 675 have since died.
It also advised that the appointment of the UHB management to HEFT's executive team in October 2015 has already given rise to a number of benefits, such as reduced waiting times and improvements in the quality and safety of patient care for all HEFT patients.
For the HEFT algorithm, the task scheduling problem is modeled in the following way 10].
Heft said Muslim community leaders have also been working with the RCMP, helping to report suspicious activities as well as cooperating in any investigations.
For many hill sheep 'hefted' to the moors, bringing them inside is simply not an option.
Heft (religion, Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the U.
Muhammad Robert Heft, a Canadian convert to Islam who became well known through his "Stop Terrorism" online campaign, has called upon Muslims not to treat people in the West as their enemies.
Heft's new book, Catholic High Schools: Facing the New Realities, tries to continue a tradition of probing the theoretical good of Catholic education in this country.
For this excellent work in collaboration, Heft secured chapters from five outstanding scholars: Philip Cunningham (on Catholicism and Judaism), Daniel Madigan (on Muslim-Christian dialogue), Francis Clooney (on the Catholic-Hindu encounter), James Fredericks (on Catholic dialogue with Buddhists), and Peter Phan (on the dialogue between Catholicism and Confucianism).
the February chill, where two foxes heft the remains of a pigeon while
On too many occasions I have witnessed on mountain land a shepherd moving sheep to their heft only to see them following him down to the mountain gate soon after having been disturbed.
This morning last night's garlic smell warm on my hands, heft
The company said that it has appointed Richard Heft as national operations manager.