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The Niveau Automatic Heel Lift System is the subject of US Patent 8,398,110 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The orthosis is discontinued at week 12, and the heel lift at week 16.
But if severe pain, limping or lumps along the tendon are present, that's a sure sign you should get treatment and rest, and perhaps a heel lift,'' Koningh said.
Aggressive physical therapy and a heel lift will usually do the trick.
Front Squat and Heel Lift - Hold the dumbbells on your shoulders or a barbell on your collar bone.
A course of physical therapy beyond the five visits you mentioned may be helpful, as well as use of a heel lift, as noted above, to decrease tension on the tendon.
You can decrease strain by adding a 1/4" to 1/2" heel lift to your running shoes.
Possibly consider a heel lift under the orthotic or in the shoe to elevate the heel higher.
Incomplete ruptures are usually treated with rest, limited weight bearing with crutches, a great deal of stretching, and a heel lift.
A simple heel lift in the shoes can take much of the stress off the injured tendon.
Sometimes simple adjustments such as a heel lift can make a huge difference.
The requirement has been split into four lots (Lot 1 Low force insoles, Lot 2 - High force insoles, Lot 3 Heel Lifts, Lot 4 Night Splints).
Do 20 heel lifts or knee bends while waiting for your morning coffee to brew;
What it does is every time my heel lifts from the floor, it jolts electricity down the front of my leg so my toe goes popping up.