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Synonyms for heedless

Synonyms for heedless

Synonyms for heedless

marked by or paying little heed or attention

characterized by careless unconcern


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He said that by the heedless and undiplomatic denial, the Indian prime minister had not only insulted the president of a democratic country but also the people of the USA adding that the denial by Modi had aggravated the environment of frustration between the two countries.
Keith Thurman is anticipating a heedless performance from Manny Pacquiao when they go toe-to-toe in their welterweight world title fight on Saturday at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.
The attacks come as Saudi Arabia continues to target crowded civilian locations across Yemen heedless of international criticism.
Instead, powerful elements within the state appear heedless of the past and seem determined to repeat historical mistakes that have driven a wedge between the people and the very state that exists to serve them.
Just in case you're wondering how heedless I am, visiting my upcountry before alerting the person I intend to visit, my ushago, unlike that of my friends from Western, is less than 45 minutes from where I live, so I can decide to visit my parents or grandmother at 7pm on a weekday and be back home in time for the 9pm news.
Ill-fated PTI operation to topple Sindh government crashes The federal government's action of placing 172 people, including PPP's top brass and its sitting Sindh chief minister, on the controversial, vaguely-formulated Exit Control List has boomeranged badly, exposing PTI's two troublesome limitations, its vulnerable razor-thin majority in the Centre which it is always anxious to bolster, and its leadership's flawed decision-making on sensitive issues, usually hawkish, made in indecent haste, and seemingly blissfully heedless of any hurtful consequences.
However, corruption and dishonesty being widely filled across Pakistan open ways for doomed opportunities to make money by contaminating and malfunctioning with the formerly baleful junk food.They boosted an increase ratio of obesity among heedless public depriving them of delight fullness and digging paths for laziness and unpleasant circumstances.
'Many requests have been made since November 22 for medical board but NAB remained utterly heedless,' Marriyum Aurangzeb asserted, 'who are responsible for the delay of two and a half week?'
The message Imran conveyed, in no uncertain terms, was that Islamabad would no longer plunge headlong into doing its bidding heedless of its own interest.
Using the mysterious powers of an amulet that protects him from death, Ungern asserts his dominance over the region, heedless of the lives he uses to accomplish his goals.
She went on to tag the assertions as efforts to sway the election results while rejecting the allegations and calling them heedless.
It means we are unconscious and heedless about atmosphere just deliberate over it for a mint that if there would no plant then what would do to development.
It said the National Democratic Alliance government had displayed a"heedless, incautious and shortsighted attitude"when it comes to national security."The recent attempt by China to foster a Doklam 2.0, this time in Arunachal Pradesh, has raised serious concerns,"Congress Spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said."Even though we commend our security forces which timely prevented further road construction in the Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh last month, we want to caution the government so that it remains more proactive to such transgressions,"he added.
The second group, call them the "heedless," run short frequently and borrow from payday lenders without any game plan for repayment.
The minister clarified that any offensive that is heedless of the city's demographic structure would set off a massive wave of would-be migrants to Turkey.