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Synonyms for hedgerow

a fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes

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So if you are thinking about adding a hedge to your garden, here's my top choice of native hedgerow species.
HAWTHORN is the classic hedgerow plant found in the majority of farmland hedges across the UK.
The prickly dogrose grows quickly, has pretty flowers and shiny rosehips in autumn So if you are thinking about adding a hedge to your garden, here's my top choice of native hedgerow species.
However, this information alone has not proved sufficient for increasing hedgerow adoption.
Pup will head into the hedgerow, but if he does not find a dead pigeon immediately, whistle the two-toot turn signal and pup should head immediately back to your side.
But he shows in Hawthorn that outward drawbacks conceal attributes that people have exploited for centuries in iron-forging, weaponry, medicine and above all, the growing of hedgerows.
Maintenance of hedgerows is required under agri-environmental schemes but work must take place before September 1 and getting a licence can take 10 weeks.
To build the current complex a large hedgerow that bounded the property to the west, one that divided it from the large open land next door, was totally removed virtually overnight.
YOU don't need to travel too far off shore to experience the thrill of a safari, as this summer it's all about the humble hedgerow.
1995) and the absorption of radiation by hedgerow canopies, as well as for orchards and vineyards (Charles-Edwards and Thornley, 1973; Charles-Edwards and Thorpe, 1976; Riou et al.
My question has always been this: Why not build a hedgerow, a suburban hedgerow, to establish the boundary between two large properties?
Hedgerow history; ecology, history and landscape character.
After a long, restless night, we crawled out before sunrise and heard gobbling in the timber surrounding a large hedgerow.
Still considered the best wood for archer's bows, osage-orange was valued as a natural hedgerow fence, which made agricultural settlement of the prairies possible.