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The controversy focused on the construction of infrastructure for the transfer of 1,050 cubic hectometres of water per annum from the Ebro River: from Catalonia (in the north-east) to the more arid regions of Valencia (in the east), Murcia (south-east) and Almeria (south) over more than 900 km, and along the Mediterranean coastline.
According to this report, desalination enterprises would guarantee an annual production of 82 cubic hectometres for Almeria at a cost of Euro 0.30/m3, whereas the national hydrological plan (NHP) - which proposes a re-routing of the river Ebre - would produce a maximum of 90 cubic hectometres a year at a cost of Euro 0.34/m3.
The PHN provides for the construction of infrastructure permitting the transfer each year of 1,050 cubic hectometres of water from the Ebre, the country's largest river, from Catalonia (North) to the regions of Valencia (East), Murcia (South-East) and Almeria (South).