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(abbreviated 'ha') a unit of surface area equal to 100 ares (or 10,000 square meters)

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The total 12,68,897 MT off-seasonal vegetable production was recorded in 65075 hectare area the state during the year 2010-11 out of which the 254177 MT peas, 388426 MT tomato and 1,44,233MT cabbage production was recorded during the same period in the state.
In general, the country's cacao plantations have low productivity and has declined 8% from year to year from 1,100 kg per hectare in 2003 to 790 kg per hectare in 2007.
According to statistics, table and wine grapes were grown on 26,530 hectares in 2000, 27,111 hectares in 2001, 26,194 hectares in 2002, 25,692 hectares in 2003, 24,777 hectares in 2004, and 25,044 hectares in 2005.
ISLAMABAD -- The wheat crop will be cultivated over 8,893 thousand hectares of land during current Rabbi season (2013-14) to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as to export.
In Kotagiri taluk, 100 hectares out of 12,000 hectares in Nedugula and Milidhane were hit.
The average price per hectare varies by size of area sold.
3 metric tons per hectare in 1982 at a site in Grand Junction, Colo.
1 thousand hectare of land was put under wheat cultivation as against 6482.
ISLAMABAD -- Wheat crop has been cultivated on over 8 million hectare of land across the country during the current Rabi season to cater to domestic demand and for export purpose.
If satellite and on-the-ground monitors report forests and water sources are intact by year-end, they are paid $30 to $40 a hectare.
Mr Ormrod said: "This means that a farmer could qualify for both pounds 30 per hectare ELS grant over his whole holding and pounds 30 per hectare over woodland on the same holding from the EWGS Woodland Management Grant.
THE provisional average price of agricultural land and buildings sold in the fourth quarter of 2000 in Wales was pounds 6,400 per hectare.
In Nicaragua, each hectare produces, on average, 2,600 boxes of bananas, but the Coen Group project will generate between 4,000 and 5,000 boxes per hectare.
77 lakh hectare as per data received from states as on today, the Union Agriculture Ministry has said.
00 hectare Guorbavare Licence (which forms part of the HRU Licences), which contains the Pleutajokk deposit, and covers an additional area of 883.