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shouting to interrupt a speech with which you disagree

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After 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang, pictured left, was bundled out of the Labour conference for shouting 'nonsense' we sought answers from people for whom heckling is an occupational hazard - comedians like Peter Kay, pictured, and politicians
The BBC said the documentary, which is currently being edited for BBC3, is 'a completely legitimate programme about the history and art of political heckling'.
He said the heckling was pre-arranged because the Muhoroni residents need development.
If we are not careful, heckling will become as obsolete as the penny-farthing.
But now, alas, heckling is a dying art, largely because it is being snuffed out of existence.
Yesterday, at least, Tony Blair proved that the comedian Jimmy Carr -- a man who actually enjoys good old-fashioned heckling -- is right.
A MIDLAND comedy club has BANNED fun fans from heckling stand-up comics - or risk being fined a tenner.
The 38-year-old Scot was taunted during his first-round defeat to Scott McCarron in the Accenture World Match Play Championship in California this week and has had enough of the constant heckling he receives in the United States.
Can't let serious issues and debate get in the way of a bit of social networking can we now?" IntSticks saw a parallel with another political chamber: "Heckling and juvenile behaviour by politicians at debates?
LISBON Treaty opponents are to apologise to the Finance Minister for heckling him during a TV interview in the RDS count centre.
Mr Benn said he did not agree, but his comment was met with boos and heckling.
An increased police presence was not enough to stop Colin Montgomerie being subjected to some heckling again at the Players Championship in Florida yesterday.
"I like a bit of verbal jousting, especially the intelligent heckling where you play off each other, " said the Perrier Awardwinning comedian, who is appearing in the circ-sponsored comedy tour in the Glee Club, Cardiff Bay tomorrow night.
A LEFT-wing Euro MP expelled by Labour was yesterday ejected from the party's annual Scottish conference in Perth after heckling Chancellor Gordon Brown.
The MP apologised to the former prime minister saying the heckling was regrettable and uncalled for.