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one or more living creatures slain and offered to a deity as part of a religious rite

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a great sacrifice

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W Collard and M Ross in their Architectural and Picturesque Views in Newcastle (1841), were also delighted by the fountains "Entering by one of the archways on Grainger Street we pass through street after street of Butchers' Shops in which are displayed hecatombs of fresh killed meat.
those hecatombs of battle-deaths--Those times of which, O far-off reader, this whole book is indeed finally but a reminiscent memorial from thence by me to you[.] (21)
But the river Anaurus, full with winter rain, Obliterated the tomb and the monument; for Apollo Letos son had ordered him to do so, for whoever brought Famous hecatombs to Pytho, he would observe closely and plunder them with violence.
For example, what is a reader to make of alliterative verse's 'tendency to fashion objects in hecatombs of synonyms' (my italics, p.
But projections that there would be hecatombs of dead in Benghazi without military intervention suggests that rebels/civilians would have remained in place offering their bodies to bayonets.
into the ears of the maligned Black Sea, promised hecatombs.
Given Weil's own life, lashed by the gales of history and witness to the endless hecatombs of World War I and relentless Nazi machinery in World War II, it is perhaps not surprising that she insisted that force pure and simple infused the world.
Despite the genuine richness and brilliance of the secular European culture at the beginning of the twentieth century, nothing has stopped the military and political production of hecatombs, ranging from the Turkish nationalist genocide against the Armenians on through the gulag experiments and the horrors of the Shoah.
Whereas the Kulaks, Uzbeks, Don Cossacks and other racial and social groups whom Stalin murdered in such monstrous hecatombs might as well have lived and died on another planet.
The hecatombs of the war deserved corrosive mockery.
Like a master, at once distinguished and barbarous, it drags with it into its grave the corpses of its slaves, whole hecatombs of workers, who perish in the crises." (35)
1.66 Achilles states that gods enjoy the fragrant smoke of hecatombs. When Hermes complains to Calypso in Od.
Drawing on his own intimate experience with broad swaths of the camp's life, together with the testimonies of other inmates, Langbein magisterially conveys what is often obscured by the macabre gas chambers and vast hecatombs of the victims--that Auschwitz was run by human beings making choices and that its every victim had an individual face and name.
As Bataille clearly states, in an affirmation directly relevant to Gibson's film, "there is nothing more contrary to military organization than these squanderings of wealth represented by hecatombs of slaves" (Consumption 54).
In real history, where our mind tends to look for witnesses to success, one can easily learn that each step (and even its illusion) is accompanied by hecatombs of tortured people.