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one or more living creatures slain and offered to a deity as part of a religious rite

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a great sacrifice

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The big droughts of 1877-1879 and 1888-1889 were a true hecatomb in the Brazilian Northeast region, when around 3 million people emigrated from drought-affected areas to main cities, and 600,000 people died in the states of Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraiba.
As Harris has noticed, "[s]uch an image may be regarded by some readers as distasteful blasphemy" (2008: 132) but it is a powerful, though seditious, illustration of a need to understand the effects of such a hecatomb on the whole generations of Jewish people.
It dredges up milestones in the historical evolution of the two East African countries, which is similar in many respects to the lachrymal historical account of Nigeria rendered in "Elegy for a Nation." As if the horrendous hecatomb of their ancestors was not enough, the poem commences, Kenyans and Tanzanians make additional lustration and sacrifice their future, which is already stillborn anyway, on the altar of "Blind and blinding rivalries" and ancient quarrels remembered (2002:79).
We usually remember the fallen soldiers and the Zamosc Polish Catholic children taken away from their parents and either gassed or sent to Germany to be raised as Germans, but we forget that every single profession paid a hecatomb in World War Two.
and innocent lives are lost in Syria's mass hecatomb, in the most horrific of ways, with the bodies piling up right in front of us, on every TV screen.
Such neural hecatomb goes hand in hand with the specification and functioning of a small number of neurons which, as time goes by, develop, ramify, and strengthen.
Offenbach's French script is in three acts, with the conclusion set at Nauplia, with Helen agreeing to sacrifice a hecatomb for her offence, which she only agrees to when she recognizes that the priest is a disguised Paris.
What the conventional ways of understanding the HIV/AIDS epidemic often miss is that, from the ashes of this great devastation, this hecatomb, from all the suffering it generates, something truly great, something unprecedented, something of world-changing historic proportions, may be born.
The description ends with an account of how the procession of fifty Thessalian cavalry and two choruses of maidens wind their way around the tomb of Neoptolemos, after which a hecatomb of cattle, sheep and goats is sacrificed, a libation is offered to the hero by Charikles, and the sacrificial fire is lit by Theagenes with the torch presented to him by Charikleia, the acolyte of Artemis (3.5.2-3).
Njord's hecatomb lamb came in the form of a Jaguar XF waiting at a red light over a manhole cover.
Hecatomb Syrax (Mouers Contemporaines)" (38) We shall come to Bertrand de Born in due course, (39) and I should agree with Eliot about the fact that the poem is better, and indeed the earlier poems in general are better, than the poems that deal with contemporary life under the aesthetic of Imagism.
Nemiche and Pla-Lopez have previously determined the conditions that favour the perpetuity of Capitalist Globalization, and the potential for it being overcome with a Free Scientific Society and the possibility of the Ecological Hecatomb. In this paper Nemiche and Pla-Lopez seek to explain the emergence of anomalous behaviours and develop statistical studies of the conditions that favour such apparitions and geographical repartition.
Literary language, as Maurice Blanchot has written, abolishes reality, emptying the life from objects that it transfers to words, creating on the referential plane "an immense hecatomb" (La Part du feu, Paris: Gallimard, 1949, p.