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Synonyms for hebetude

a deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity

Words related to hebetude

mental lethargy or dullness

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I understand that the weight of my brass wheel, which I clasp between the hebetude of the abstract fingers of my astral body, is the fourth power of eight meters per hour; I hope, deprived of my senses, to recognize color, temperature, taste, and various qualities other than the six, in the actual number of revolutions per second ...
nuit et plongeant les occupants de la moto dans une hebetude de
"What is self-sufficiency in God would be hebetude, autism, 'schizophrenia' in man." (9) If it is true that a solitary happiness would not quite be human and, on the other hand, our intellectual excellence is not fulfilled within political life, (10) the shared life of contemplative friends could perhaps resolve this tension and come to light as the properly human way to live in accord with the best thing in us.
Cartwright "discovered" slave diseases such as "drapetomania" (the pathological desire to flee slavery) and "dysaethesia aethiopica" ("called by overseers 'rascality,'" and "so great a hebetude of intellectual faculties, as to be like a person half asleep" which, according to Cartwright, afflicted "nearly all" free Blacks "that have not got some white person to direct and to take care of them.").
HEBETIC (of puberty) and HEBETUDE (dull, lethargic) are likewise unrelated.