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suffering from a form of schizophrenia characterized by foolish mannerisms and senseless laughter along with delusions and regressive behavior

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Disorganized schizophrenia (also called hebephrenic schizophrenia).
In the non-paranoid group, the commonest subtype was undifferentiated schizophrenia (n = 41) followed by catatonic schizophrenia (n = 6), hebephrenic schizophrenia (n = 2), and the remaining diagnosed with residual schizophrenia.
The defence have called psychiatric evidence that he suffers from a condition called hebephrenic or disorganised schizophrenia which rendered him incapable of understanding what was going on.
But the symptoms of AD can be observed in early childhood, whereas the onset of hebephrenic schizophrenia does usually not predate adolescence.