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The only voyeuristic pleasure is trying to work out from the body language who is leaving, who is waving to the crowds with a sincere heavyhearted final farewell and who is skipping around with one eye on getting home for Britain's Got Talent.
So back we trudged, heavyhearted, to our hotel for a warming brandy, only to be greeted by news from one of our fellow Aurora hunters that the lights had been spotted that evening.
The historian Richard Grafton later wrote during Elizabeth's reign that the Christmas festivities constituted a plot hatched by Northumberland and Ferrers designed to divert an allegedly heavyhearted King Edward from Somerset's impeding execution (Grafton 526-7).
But such a fantastic voyage only ends up, in the second part, in pledging this imaginary "Ah, noble Marguerite / Ignorant Marguerite" to take an alternate, heavyhearted, utterly sobering visit to the impoverished Chinese countryside that had been hopelessly stuck in the mire of a failed revolutionary utopia.
AoStupid in LoveAo sets heavyhearted confessions to the treacliest of melodies.
While it speaks of issues that might leave the reader/listener heavyhearted, it voices even more clearly the resiliency of the human spirit, especially that of an urban child.
How can so much work have been done to support inclusive schooling and so much unanimity of perspective have been achieved (in the Handbook at least) about the advantages of inclusiveness, only to decide that matters have not changed in the 75 years since Woodson wrote those heavyhearted words?