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Synonyms for heavy-handed

Synonyms for heavy-handed

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

lacking fluency or gracefulness

Synonyms for heavy-handed

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

unjustly domineering


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'I understand the MoD don't want Salisbury Plain digging up indiscriminately, but these signs are heavy-handed and quite intrusive.
However, a PRS spokesman said: "We try to avoid being heavy-handed and we don't threaten people with fines."
The film is marred only by the heavy-handed ending, which features a group of Sarajevo folksingers standing in the empty Olympic stadium singing, "Save Bosnia." As if the point weren't already clear enough, the last frame of the film has the two words "Save Bosnia" in giant type.
But now East Yorkshire Council has admitted the letters were too heavy-handed and apologised for causing distress.
More heavy-handed was Madagascar, 2002, a rendering of an elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) bound with rope being led down a sand dune toward a "tall" ship anchored in a shallow harbor.
The rudimentary movement in this horribly protracted (ninety minutes) exercise in cultural appropriation was too joyless, and the theatrical context heavy-handed. Nothing like somnambulistic Mexicana.
Why keep bombarding them with the heavy-handed propaganda of the Munich high-rollers?
Most of you think the police response was too heavy-handed...
Unlike Williams, however, there's no heavy-handed conceptual back story.
Companhia Portuguesa de Bailados Contemporaneos featured a charged-up, fourteen-strong ensemble in a trio of mostly heavy-handed works, two from artistic director Vasco Wellenkamp and the other--a kind of bad-day-at-the-gym piece--by Rami Levi.
Such heavy-handed polemics are undercut by the work's height (only eleven and a half inches) and the surface, sanded to generalize details, making the piece resemble a mass-produced toy spun-off from a Disney movie.
And at the finale a beautiful but heavy-handed rain of red leaves fell.
POLICE have denied being heavy-handed after coming under a petrol-bomb attack by a crowd of up to 70 people during a dissident republican parade.
While the "slum" in the title is a bit heavy-handed in its evocation of "low" culture, standing in front of these displays offers an intimate route of reentry to old-school fun at the amusement park.
For Anderson it was the last slap in the face he would take from what he believes are heavy-handed politicians ignorant of the value of art to a community.