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Synonyms for heavy-handed

Synonyms for heavy-handed

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

lacking fluency or gracefulness

Synonyms for heavy-handed

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

unjustly domineering


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In a statement to Today's Zaman on Tuesday, Jo Glanville, the director of English PEN, said, "The international writers' organization PEN is gravely alarmed about the government's heavy-handed tactics against journalists in Turkey, including foreign correspondents.
The heavy-handed preparations by the government resulted to the militarization of communities near APEC venues," he said.
It is important that the authorities recognize that the initial extremely heavy-handed response to the protests, which resulted in many injuries, is still a major part of the problem," Pillay said in a statement issued on June 18.
As always, at the end of the day, co-owners can go to the courts, but that could be heavy-handed as you say.
DOGGED DETERMINATION: Heavy-handed approach to fouling?
condemns the increasingly heavy-handed tactics employed by Belarusian
The illegal confrontation with the media opens the way for foreign interference," said opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi of the government's heavy-handed treatment of local reporters.
In mitigation, Choi Cheng said Farrell felt he had been belittled by the security staff who he claimed had acted in a heavy-handed manner.
We don't want to cast a pall over the blogosphere by being heavy-handed, so we have to figure out a better and more positive way to do this," Kennedy tells the Times, adding that the AP would sit down with representatives of the Media Bloggers Association.
ELDERLY bowls club members complained of heavy-handed police tactics yesterday after seven officers broke up a protest match held against an increase in fees.
The heavy-handed knee-jerk approach "Commenting on the chancellor's launch today of proposals to reform banking regulations, Richard Lambert, CBI director-general, said: 'Financial stability and the protection of depositors are essential components of a healthy economy.
I do appreciate their aims in trying to keep knives and drugs off the streets, but their methods were heavy-handed.
TRAFFIC wardens employed by Gwynedd Council are far too heavy-handed with motorists, according to a member of Porthmadog Town Council.
He fancies a girl fish called Cordelia (Evan Rachel Wood), has a run-in with a bully shark (US comedian Andy Dick), and learns lots of heavy-handed morals.
Cezar seems a tad heavy-handed at times, but Marillier manages to inspire sympathy for his character as well.