heavy swell

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a broad and deep undulation of the ocean


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There are typically thousands of dinoflagellates per liter of water in the lagoon, but those concentrations had dropped to less than 100 in early November as heavy swells dispersed them, she said.
As Titan has worked to yank the ship from its resting place in recent weeks - they've pulled it more than 20 feet out of the ground since last month - the underlying soil has been disturbed, and a heavy swell brought the oil chunks ashore Friday, Parrot ventured.
The enemy being to windward had the advantage of engaging us at his own distance, which was so great, that for the first half hour we did not use our carronades, & at no moment was he within the complete effect of our musketry or grape--to this circumstance & a heavy swell which was on at the time I ascribe the unusual length of the action.
He added: "It was impossible to get to them because of the heavy swell.
There was a heavy swell going the same way as they were.
With a superhuman effort, the pilot turned into the wind and ditched the Canso in a heavy swell, where, blazing furiously, it quickly sank.
The middle-aged woman, thought to be holidaying in the area, fell from the north pier at Staithes into a heavy swell at high tide on Sunday.
CalMac were forced to cancel sailings on west coast routes due to strong winds and a heavy swell.
This was extremely difficult due to heavy swell and the darkness.
Most people will know that the famous curvy roof - a little like a heavy swell in suspended animation - is accessible.
Speak to any Merseyside seafarer and the memories tumble out, like oddments rolling from the back of a locker in a heavy swell.
They had hit the tail end of the storm and sailed through it, and although there was still a heavy swell the pounding of the waves on the wooden hull was lessening and the big combers were no longer breaking over the bows and streaming down the decks.
The coastguard said a heavy swell had built up over the past few days whipped up by strong winds.
Now, just a day later and despite the presence of flags and safety warnings, it has emerged that six more teenagers were pulled from the water after being caught out by the heavy swell and tide.
A heavy swell was pounding the yacht and its engine was not powerful enough to free it.