heavy lifting

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Established in 2002, Sarens Nass Middle East is a joint venture between Belgian-based Sarens NV, which specialises in heavy lifting, engineering services and in-house international expertise and the Nass Group, pioneers in Bahrain's construction and contracting sector.
Established in 2002, SNME is a joint venture between Nass Group, and Belgian-based Sarens NV, known globally as a specialist in heavy lifting.
They are produced by FibreMax for BigLift's heavy lifting carrier 'Happy Buccaneer'.
Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and established in 1969, Barnhart Crane & Rigging is a leading national supplier of heavy lifting and transportation solutions.
It''s leaving a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of getting the public finances back into shape to the parliament after next - that''s not starting for five years.
ACROSS THE WORLD: Alex Nelson and Luke Simpson, who took their skills to Korea, with one of the powerpacks used in heavy lifting at NETA
You can't wiggle this thing," Harold says of the steadiness of the machine while it performs its heavy lifting work.
Heavy Lifting The Job of the American Legislature by Alan Rosenthal
That heavy lifting actually began at military installations and depots where our commercial truck and rail partners and other contractors provided tremendous and timely support for us to accomplish our many missions.
Worse, some Fed strategists saw Reinhart as doing the heavy lifting for his predecessor, Donald Kohn, now a member of the FOMC.
In addition, it has a side-mounted hinged door for full access without heavy lifting.
CommVault's QiNetix suite gives users the ability to set policies and let the software do the heavy lifting.
Our Working Group has undertaken much of the heavy lifting in getting this long and complicated process under way.
Scientific evidence links particular jobs, including those requiring repetitive and forceful motions, heavy lifting and stressful environments, with these disorders, the report states.
For example, if you have employees who do heavy lifting, you might be required to implement a basic program.