heavy hydrogen

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an isotope of hydrogen which has one neutron (as opposed to zero neutrons in hydrogen)


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No radiation The new fusion process can take place in relatively small laser-fired fusion reactors fueled by heavy hydrogen (deuterium).
The new technique uses the strong electric field generated in a pyro-electric crystal to fuse atoms of heavy hydrogen, or deuterium - the fuel used in conventional fusion research.
like a missile on a train, a warhead full of heavy hydrogen.
When the heavy hydrogen atoms hit the tritium atoms, energetic neutrons are released at 14 million electron volts of energy.
Most difficult of all the obstacles still to be overcome in developing thermonuclear technology is attainment of the extraordinarily high temperatures and pressures necessary to break the nucleus of hydrogen--100 million degrees Celsius for heavy hydrogen (deuterium-tritium) reactions.
Hydrogen-2 came to be called heavy hydrogen or deuterium (from the Greek word for "two").
His investigation of the atomic weights of oxygen and hydrogen led ultimately to discovery of deuterium, commonly known as heavy hydrogen, a key component in atomic research.
The polar craters of the Moon are possible water sources while the high ratio of heavy hydrogen to deuterium in Mars and Venus affirms the former presence of water