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subject to much traffic or travel

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Not surprisingly, the most heavily traveled are on the Interstate Highway System, which carries the bulk of truck traffic and passenger vehicles.
Now, investigations are beginning to examine the question of whether pregnant women residing close to heavily traveled roadways have a greater occurrence of these adverse birth outcomes.
The Twin Cities displays are located on heavily traveled freeways throughout the metropolitan area with an aggregate daily circulation of over 661,000 people.
The Sun Vally Gateway Project involves constructing and displaying marble and river-rock markers bearing the Sun Valley logo at heavily traveled areas in the community.
This center located along heavily traveled Route 1 is anchored with a 62,000 Sq.
With 13 Choctaw Travel Plaza locations along the heavily traveled I-75 and Highway 69 highway corridor in Oklahoma, the agreement will increase the availability of biodiesel in the state.
Rehabilitation work from Milford to the 134 Freeway is expected to begin in late August or early September and also is to be finished by the end of the year, because that segment is less heavily traveled and less worn.
Holmdel Corporate Plaza, an office/flex property, is located at the intersection of Union Avenue and Route 35 North, a heavily traveled highway comprised mostly of retail centers.
Each of these locations will provide motorists on heavily traveled sections with pertinent information prior to a major interchange, so that customers can decide to either exit or remain on the system, depending on the conditions.
Other fatal accidents have occurred in that general area, which is heavily traveled by east Palmdale commuters and by travelers seeking a shortcut between Highway 138 and the Antelope Valley Freeway.
A major challenge to revitalizing a downtown district located near heavily traveled thoroughfares and mass transit is in establishing an inviting environment with appeal to pedestrians while facilitating the need for parking and vehicular passage," said William B.
In addition to the television spots, the campaign surrounds global decision makers via international business publications, major online business sites, and radio networks and programs; in-flight videos on three international airlines; and billboards and dioramas at 19 heavily traveled airports on five continents.
The Gold Line's extension into East Los Angeles is the MTA's top priority, a six-mile route through a heavily traveled area that is expected to open in 2009.
This brings overall occupancy at this remodeled retail shopping center, located on heavily traveled Route 4, east of Route 17, to approximately 96%.
TPI also announced that they have signed a contract with the Poughkeepsie Area Chamber of Commerce to place their Virtual Information Centers in train stations throughout the area, which is heavily traveled by commuters to New York City.