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Synonyms for heavenwards

toward heaven

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They look heavenwards and question the gods about the gaps and spaces but no responses are forthcoming.
Indeed he was so shorn of support, he unconsciously mimicked Benazir Bhutto in her by now-iconic gesture by raising his hands heavenwards thanking he was home.
As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I looked heavenwards and silently asked god to forgive me for what I was about to do.
This, she explained, would make it easier for the angels to haul them heavenwards when the Big Day arrived.
pointed heavenward" are strongly reminiscent of Blake's watercolour Designs in which the personae often point heavenwards, reminding us that the truth about our immortal selves is directly accessible to us without the intervention of purveyors of sterile dogma.
But as I gazed at the five miles of twisting switchbacks snaking heavenwards, I began to have my doubts.
As usual he took off his helmet, looked at his bat and then heavenwards.
That said, a subtle point Heavenwards while singing "I'm just a substitute because you're the permanent one" during encore Tracks of My Tears was a lovely gesture.
Buddhist centre to be powered by sun ASPIRITUAL retreat on the Llyen peninsula is looking heavenwards for its energy as well as its religious needs.
Desmond Shawe-Taylor comments (13) that Reynolds borrowed Sterne's gesture of his forefinger pointing heavenwards by way of his dramatically lit forehead, as well as his physiognomy, expression and half-smile, from St John the Baptist by the Studio of Leonardo (Fig.
reason tending heavenwards, and their heart earthwards.
Outside, through glistening mist, We go heavenwards, desperately resisting it.
Blarney Boy Jim is the only one having a good war, hawking pounds 10 umbrellas with ease on a sunny day and ending the episode on the winning team, rolling his eyes heavenwards while Susan continued her spat with Natasha.