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Synonyms for heaven-sent

Synonyms for heaven-sent

peculiarly fortunate or appropriate

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With that hot spot in his otherwise fanciful work rendered as lukewarm as possible, and with his vision in the sympathetic, gifted hands of Jessica Yu, a collaborator as heaven-sent to Darger's work as Peter Jackson was to J.
For many, blogs are a heaven-sent means of political activism or simply a day-to-day record of their lives.
Like any cool, rational, sensible racehorse trainer, Nick Zito doesn't believe in heaven-sent omens unless they favor him.
Scenting his easy, heaven-sent victory over one of his left-wingers, the PM she so criticised along with Harriet Harman, for doing virtually the same thing, has jumped to her defence.
Left in the hands of lesser mortals, this could have been a disaster, but the heaven-sent Kathy Burke and brilliant James Dreyfus have the right energy, humour and talent to make the potentially loathsome flatmates an appealing pair of misfits.
The Bodoodle Zapper was heaven-sent, holding my arrow securely in place, allowing me to quickly grab the bow and immediately get ready to draw without having to worry about my arrow falling off of the rest.
For Pulice, a Staten Island native, the job seemed a heaven-sent.
The King of Bhutan grasped at this Heaven-sent opportunity to get an experienced educator into his country and promptly invited him to come--as soon as the Indian bureaucrats could process his travel documents, which took months
KINGDOM was HEAVEN-sent in Germany, where the film debuted at $2.
The supermodel clutches a crucifix and wears a halo with a icy white dress but the look in her eyes is more demonic than heaven-sent on the pages of W magazine.
He will exploit his heaven-sent opportunity for all it's worth.
Sally Allen, of Wizard Jeans which commissioned the survey, said: "A handsome profile may be heaven-sent but looking good is usually a much more down-to-earth process.
To cut the saga short, they say you must not go With anyone not authorised or heaven-sent And since there's simply no way you can ever know I stayed away, despite the allure of your scent.
We have a heaven-sent opportunity to support these factories and we will be doing our very best to encourage other public sector organisations in Wales to do the same.