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Synonyms for heather

common Old World heath represented by many varieties

interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing muted greyish shades with flecks of color

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Several horses have also been brought in, with battle scenes showcasing wide, heathery glens and spectacular hillsides.
We soon enter a beautiful horseshoe-shaped valley and traversing half the length of its heathery floor, reach the camp.
I threw in the spanking new Reeboks, a single snow glove, cable sweaters from Land's End, her heathery purple overcoat, and a crumpled Liberty scarf.
Many of the best New Year celebrations I've been to have taken place in Scotland - there's something special about being that far north, ideally with a touch of snow about, the great heathery peaks standing silent and still above jovial towns full of bonhomie and whisky.
It's floor-length and made from knitted patches of wool in blues, purples, and heathery colours.
In areas where the wind had s-s-s-swirled much of the snow to spotty drifts, the t-t-twisted, fragile stems of June grass and the upright heathery hardhack wrote s-strange hieroglyphics against the whitened p-page.
On Monday the tranquil wind swept moors will come alive with the cracking of gunshot as thousands of red grouse are flushed from their heathery habitat.
With scenic walks around the heathery cliffs at South Stack and rocks dating from the pre-Cambrian period, the area is also a haven for birdlife, with guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, puffins and Peregrine falcons nesting in the cliffs by the lighthouse.
And--as God is my witness--in the heathery, wildly wildflower-filled fields between Olema and Bolinas, we saw the first foals of spring, little horses on pipe-cleaner stems, who seemed wet even if they weren't.
The walls of her studio are covered with garments she makes in her spare time - delicate shawls, sweaters, dresses, baby clothes in soft, heathery hues - all by hand.
From that height, the buzzard can see all that remains of the great Prees Heath, which once stretched for kilometres, but is now little more than a heathery 60-hectare triangle sitting between two busy trunk roads and surrounded by a sea of maize and barley.
John O'Donohue, who also died young, wrote in To Bless the Space Between Us (Doubleday) that the dead clothe us in "weave after weave of blessing"--and what a warm and heathery tweed that must be.
5th - Heathery (Out) 412 yards, par 4 A blind tee-shot over gorse and heather faces players here, while the landing area is fraught with danger thanks to the 'Coffin' bunkers at around 270 yards.
Those produced near the sea can be salty and tangy, while those made in the far north can be more heathery and spicy in character.