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Synonyms for heather

common Old World heath represented by many varieties

interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing muted greyish shades with flecks of color

References in classic literature ?
A sair job we had of it before we got him shipped; and while he still lay in the heather, the English rogues, that couldnae come at his life, were striking at his rights.
But if the day comes, David man, that I can find time and leisure for a bit of hunting, there grows not enough heather in all Scotland to hide him from my vengeance
It would be a convenient world for them and their sort, if there was no such a thing as a lad and a gun behind a heather bush
I have fished a water with a sentry on the other side of the brae, and killed a fine trout; and I have sat in a heather bush within six feet of another, and learned a real bonny tune from his whistling.
The famous Highland Regiment, the Black Watch, camped here one year, and, when the men shook out the straw of their beds in the spring, some seeds of heather took root.
Motionless among the heather, with her face to the earth, lay my poor young mistress.
He recognized the place where he had awaked by the bed of heather that was there; but it was in vain that he carried his torch all round the exterior surface of the grotto.
While Maxine assumes that Heather (Fiona Gubelmann), the conservative co-host of the talk show, will react awkwardly to Janet, quite the opposite is true.
Perched together on the side of the bed wearing pyjamas and hospital ID wristbands, Chris and Heather Dempsey didn't look much like your typical romantic couple.
Heather McGillion, 24, was due to give birth to the couple's child when a friend showed her pictures of love rat Adonis Rodriguez with his new German wife on the internet.
THE wobbly bike, dimly-lit streets and cries of a newborn being delivered in the slums - it may sound like a scene from Call The Midwife, but for Heather Davies it was once a reality.
This is a very quick moving action packed illustrated adventure which involves a pig called Heather and her owner and best friend Isla.
HAIRDRESSER Heather Lockwood has celebrated 21 years at her salon in Huddersfield.
Heather Arthur, 50, was found dead at her home two weeks ago in Gosforth, Newcastle.
MURDERED Heather Arthur's family are today preparing to make a heartbreaking journey to Tyneside to say their last goodbyes.