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Synonyms for heathen

Synonyms for heathen

a person who does not acknowledge your god

not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

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The racial imagery of blackness that was articulated and routinized through missionary and colonial discourses on heathendom and primitiveness, on sinfulness and backwardness, has left deep traces of profound disparagement in the Ngaing's collective memory.
This linking of flesh and consecration, heathendom and Judaism corresponds to Tschandragupta's desire: "Ecstatically, he carries between his teeth his last victim, her body over Jericho" (132).
As the gender opposition is dissolved, so is the opposition of heathendom and piety, of idolatry and monotheism.
civilization versus savagery gender equality versus male domination freedom versus despotism, Christendom versus Heathendom.
The second standout is Hakon Jarl, a descriptive work that tackles no less than "the struggle of Heathendom in Norway against Christianity, and the victory of the latter under Olaf Trygvason.
It does not suggest a mortal conflict between righteous Christendom and unrighteous heathendom.
For Lowith, Nietzsche's attempt at a coherent philosophy fails: "Nietzsche, too deeply branded by a Christian conscience, was not capable of canceling the 'revaluation of all values' that Christianity had brought about against heathendom, and of regaining the lost world in his existence on the peak of modernity" (p.
There, he said, "the most reckless of your population" were living side by side with various representatives of "all the evils of heathendom.
11) A survey of articles in Pentecostal periodicals dealing with the concept of heathendom helps to clarify the implications of the Pentecostal use of this term.
Any advances out of heathendom the English had experienced could not be attributed to natural ability but only to revelation and grace.
The latter is wrong when it naively underestimates the evil realities of heathendom and fails to recognize the salvatory dimension in the history of Christian mission.
Although the term "heathen" fell out of fashion after World War I, it is a word with a long history, going back at least to the ninth century according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which lists fifteen forms of the term from heathendom to heatheny.