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It is a member of the heath family, which includes rhododendrons, azaleas, heaths and heathers.
Secondly, honey made from tansy ragwort, nightshade plants, the heath family, mountain laurel, and the Rhododendron and Azalea families can be toxic.
We celebrated Loyalist Day with a Church Service at Weston Presbyterian Church, home church to the Heath family.
When the Heath family decided to go into the retail side after four generations of farming making it local was something they felt strongly about.
I vaguely knew that blueberry plants were in the Heath family, but cranberries?
At the Presidio near San Francisco, the Army is endeavoring to protect and transplant the only known specimen of Raven's manzanita (genus Arctostaphylos), a rare shrub of the heath family.
Pacific madrone is a member of the Ericaceae or Heath Family.
Danny, from a fighting Small Heath family, had only two fights as a professional but was well known on the amateur circuit.