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The energy required to maintain the molt at 240 to 248[degrees]C is not very great, although one should bear in mind that salt baths are usually electrically heated and so can carry quite heavy operating costs in spite of this.
The hotface, whether heated by a gas flame, radiation from a starter block, or conduction from molten iron, is the heat source.
The new formcoke process first produces char by mildly gasifying one or more coals in a twin screw reactor indirectly heated to 1200-1400F (649-760C).
Options: Heated platens, mold changing aids and automation vacuum-assisted venting; shuttle option--two bottom mold halves, single top half.
Once heated to boiling and then simmered a few minutes, the soup can be ladled over shredded Jack cheese in bowls for a soul-warming dinner.
Reheat soups from the refrigerator on top of the stove or in the microwave until heated through, stirring often.
Hydronic radiant heating systems operate by pumping heated water through a network of piping under the floor.
For decades, tobacco farmers have been flue-curing tobacco in indirectly heated barns with heat exchangers.
Once heated, serve topped with grated Parmesan or other shredded cheeses - or cheese-topped bread slices.
Unoccupied buildings may be heated needlessly at night.