heat-seeking missile

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a missile with a guidance system that directs it toward targets emitting infrared radiation (as the emissions of a jet engine)

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Speculation that the plane was hit by an optic-guided or heat-seeking missile, rather than a radar-guided one, has also surfaced during the course of the controversy.
"A heat-seeking missile proposed in continental Europe, aimed at the city of London" - Former PM Sir John Major on the suggested EU banking transaction tax.
"A heat-seeking missile proposed in continental Europe, aimed at the city of London" Former Prime Minister Sir John Major on the suggested EU banking transaction tax "I am not writing an instruction book on how to have sex.
The Soviet-designed SA-7 is a shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missile which Israel said Palestinians had previously smuggled into Gaza.
"The market is in a bit of heat-seeking missile mode looking for vulnerabilities around the world, and Europe is obviously in its sights at this point in time," said Grant Turley, senior strategist at ANZ in Sydney.
On a spin along Eaglesham Moor, the little Mito darted alongside the wind turbines like a heat-seeking missile.
Best of all, this mad Merc is totally without temperament and can go from serene cruiser to heat-seeking missile in one prod of your toe.
A very few of these appear here.--Jason Perlow there was a man from church in his bed a beautiful pentecostal preacher he really shouldn't be late again today he thought putting his forehead on the beautiful man's shoulder blade when the phone rang he knew it was his mother she was like a heat-seeking missile she could smell his lust if he even thought about sex, she called she told him to turn on the t.v.
Seconds before, he'd launched a heat-seeking missile from under the wing of his F-15 Eagle and "shot down" an F-16 Fighting Falcon he couldn't even see through the clouds.
* shooting down of two Libyan jets over the Gulf of Sidra on August 19, 1981, after one had fired a heat-seeking missile
The navy is planning to hit the out-of-control satellite with a heat-seeking missile as early as this morning.
High on Antipodean adrenaline, Airbourne come at you like a heat-seeking missile.
"Flight Guard" automatically releases diversionary flares if a heat-seeking missile is detected by its on-board sensors, according to Reuters.
The Maverick is a heat-seeking missile that uses infrared and TV sensors to locate the target.
It was coming in at a high rate of speed, but not at a steep angle--almost like a heat-seeking missile was locked on its target and staying dead on course.'" Likewise, Meyssan played fast and loose with the testimony of other witnesses who spoke metaphorically.