heat of fusion

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heat absorbed by a unit mass of a solid at its melting point in order to convert the solid into a liquid at the same temperature

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It can be also concluded from the DSC heating curves that, the ageing increases the heat of fusion and percentage crystallinity of the film and has no significant effect in the crystallinity melting temperature Tm.
6) range, [degrees]C([degrees]F) Latent heat of fusion, J x 230,132 (98.
When the annealing temperature of 190[degrees]C was applied for 2 h, the melting temperature decreased and the heat of fusion substantially increased, which indicates that this annealing temperature was effective in increasing the crystallinity of pCBT prepared under high speed processing.
F] = Latent heat of fusion, Btu/lb W = Shot weight, lb t = cycle time, sec SPH = shots/hr = 3600/t, sec Q = energy flow rate, Btu/hr TABLE 2: Heat Capacities & Process Temperatures for Common Polymers Heat Capacity, Latent Heat BTU/lb- of Fusion, [degrees]F Btu/lb Amorphous Polymers ABS 0.
Thermal energy is stored primarily as latent energy through the heat of fusion associated with phase change of the encapsulated PCM.
With semi-crystalline polymers, conductive melting is further restrained by the requirement for the breakdown of the crystal Unity, or the heat of fusion.
Glauber's salt remained in the short list since it has a high reported latent heat of fusion and thermal conductivity.
During solidification, latent heat of fusion is released as the molten metal becomes solid.
3] cannot be neglected, because they affect the melting point and heat of fusion of PVDF in BaTi[O.
Crystalline polymers require an additional element called the heat of fusion, which is the energy required to convert a polymer from a solid to a liquid at the crystalline melting point.
This is shown in detail in figure 3a, which shows the melting point and the heat of fusion for P-E polymers made under similar polymerization conditions, but differing in the ethylene content.
As energy is applied to the upper portion of the bath, it can not superheat the molten iron until sufficient energy has been provided to accommodate the heat of fusion requirements to melt all of the charge.
4, the heat of fusion of the PET increased abruptly over a draw ratio of 2.
This material was chosen because of its high thermal conductivity, high latent heat of fusion and single solidification temperature.
After 24 hours a DSC thermogram was obtained to determine the level of crystallinity that had developed in the 24 hour period by measuring the heat of fusion, [delta H.