heat flash

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a flash of intense heat (as released by an atomic explosion)

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People in underground shelters who survive the initial heat flash will die as all the oxygen is sucked out of the atmosphere.
The dome was at the epicentre of the explosion, where the heat reached a temperature of several million degrees centigrade, resulting in a heat flash over a wide area, vaporising all human tissue.
THE friction as the 1km (just over half a mile) lump of space rock blazed through the atmosphere would cause a massive heat flash killing all within 1,000 miles.
US officials denied government satellites detected the heat flash of an explosion.
military satellite detected a heat flash at the time a Russian jetliner crashed over the Sinai Peninsula last weekend, authorities said Tuesday, but the cause of the accident remains a mystery.
US media reported that US satellites recorded a heat flash before the plane crash, but there is no evidence it was a missile.
During each heat flash, carbon atoms from the methane settle on the electrodes' surface.
A heat flash caught on US infra-red satellite pictures indicated an explosion.