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causing gladness and pleasure

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Wonder, based on the New York Times bestseller about the inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with a facial deformity, is on at the Macrobert from Friday, December 29-Thursday, January 4.
I think it's one of these heartwarming shows, you get some really sad stories and they always have a happy ending.
So it is heartwarming to read such a letter, which gives a good example of there being some good, honest and nice people in a world which seems full of the opposite.
Celebrating30yearsofshowbusiness, their new production, Dancing In My Dreams, is a heartwarming musical play inspire d by the many children whose li ves changedforever during wartime Britain.
Speaking in 1987, Mr Toy said the boost in production at the Halewood factory in his last two years at the company was the "most heartwarming event" of his lengthy career.
Bitton-Jackson's story is a heartwarming account of picking up the pieces of one's life after surviving almost total annihilation.
This was heartwarming but, having seen all this, I felt that I had to get down from the fence.
A beautiful melody, heartwarming images of home and hearth, and -- perhaps most important of all -- longing.
Watercolor-style illustrations of a cheerful young dachshund and the animals he meets add a vibrant touch to this heartwarming story, in which young Paws' searches for The Great Mae to have his dearest wish granted--the wish to become a boy instead of a puppy.
An Elk in the House" is the heartwarming true story of Butter, an elk calf at the Seventh Avenue Elk Ranch in Manning, Alberta, Canada.
A motley group of characters spice up this heartwarming story of faith, trust and love.
Inspiring and heartwarming reading, The Story Of A Soul is very highly recommended as an engaging translation of the original autobiography of St.
One critic described the flick as "the heartwarming tale of a freedom-loving ex-KGB agent killing masses of black African communists.
Heartwarming fact: "I act for a living, so my personality is very different from the characters that I portray.
Sample dishes include Fried Salami and Eggs, Grandma's Pickled Cucumbers and Onions, Betty's Tater Dogs, Heartwarming Baked Apples, Matzo Meal Fried Chicken, and more.