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Synonyms for heartsease

a common and long cultivated European herb from which most common garden pansies are derived

violet of Pacific coast of North America having white petals tinged with yellow and deep violet

common Old World viola with creamy often violet-tinged flowers

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Over 1000 trade visitors tasted the Heartsease Farm products and gave very positive comments.
Heartsease and Narcissus were in the bouquet that opened the program Friday evening.
Guidance on the application of the Ireland Act 1949 jostles with an account of the tragic loss of the Sarawak government motor launch Heartsease during the monsoon.
It bases Wellmet on a version of London, with the city being bisected by a river, and being composed of two very different areas: Heartsease and Twilight.
The annual Wildflower Appeal sees the charity provide packs of heartsease flower - a member of the pansy family - to those who make a donation towards cancer prevention.
Every desire and wish misfallen, heartsease under the eyes and the eyes
Busybody and Lady Sweetbury, and the handsome Herbert Heartsease.
I have very little doubt, that if the whole genus of humble-bees became extinct or very rare in England, the heartsease and red clover would become very rare, or wholly disappear.
Another, Michael Sockett, 63, has been employed for 41 years by the Watkins family at Heartsease, Knighton.
C[pounds sterling]From oxeye daisy, to wild rose, bright red poppies to heartsease, from white clover to fire lily and orange hawkweed to ladyCOs mantle and lots more; the collection lifts spirits like the beauty of the wildflowers.
The formal beds are filled in with scented pinks, heartsease pansies, nodding Allium cernuum and fragrant stocks in terracotta pots.
si:) C C--the letter C CE cedar, ceanothus, ibices, panacea, circe CEE ceefax, dicees, proceed, seducee CEY ceylonite (a ferruginous variety of spinel from Ceylon) CIE cieling, abcie CY cypres (in Law, means 'as near as practicable') SAO Saorstat eirann (Irish Free State) SEA season, heartsease, Chelsea SEI seiff (old type of eye-wash), casein, disseisee SI sikh, arsine, Farsi SSAE thalassemia, vibrissae SSEE lesseeship, assessee SSI assize (parallel beds of rock agreeing in their organic remains) SY Sylow (P.
And One became a reality when the first bottles rolled off the Radnor Hills production line on May 30, 2005, in Heartsease in Powys.