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an absence of concern for the welfare of others

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Hurricane Katrina has spotlighted the heartlessness of the Republican Party, which apparently cares only for the well-being of the wealthiest Americans.
Treasurer Mark Hughes said: ``This act of heartlessness has devastated the community and we hope that we can get things back to normal as soon as possible and try to maintain our service.
The plot is just as relevant and bitingly satirical, with plenty to say about the heartlessness of market forces.
After a blighted generation, Labour were going to put right 18 years of maladministration and protect us all from the ravages of greed and heartlessness.
Elevating heartlessness to a new art form, House Republicans in committee have voted to approve cutting off cash assistance to tens of thousands of poor children with physical or mental disabilities.
Venus opposing Saturn suggests heartlessness or cruelty.
So day in and day out, week after week, we exposed the brutality, heartlessness and stupidity of the policy.
The Conservatives for heartlessness, Labour for past economic incompetence, the LibDems for broken promises and all for hypocrisy and bloated expenses.
The witness added: "That was the reaction, a coldness and heartlessness about the place that will always scare you.
For a system and a government that kills and steals all over the f world with impunity and heartlessness for sake of what?
YESTERDAY'S announcement by Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly that future applicants to Employment Tribunals must pay fees is a shocking example of the UK Government's heartlessness - and an indication that it is prepared to roll back social advances that not even Margaret Thatcher dared touch.
Bravery there certainly was, but the carelessness, bungling and even heartlessness, of the captain and some of his officers that night are what stick most in the mind.
Slowly the procession proceeded to the site of interment, where the earth which was to cover the eternal resting place of the hapless victims of Nazi heartlessness was concealed by a huge Union Jack.
It just shows the heartlessness of these large corporate entities," said Dana Black.
There is no heartlessness greater than lying to a little child and giving him false hopes.