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Synonyms for hearth

an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built

an area near a fireplace (usually paved and extending out into a room)


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The Professor discovered me in the act of crawling across the hearth, and before I could escape he had caught me between his thumb and forefinger.
The fire being lit, the hearth swept, and a small kettle of a very antique pattern, such as I thought I remembered to have seen in old farmhouses in England, placed over the now ruddy flame, Frances' hands were washed, and her apron removed in an instant then she opened a cupboard, and took out a tea-tray, on which she had soon arranged a china tea-equipage, whose pattern, shape, and size, denoted a remote antiquity; a little, old-fashioned silver spoon was deposited in each saucer; and a pair of silver tongs, equally old-fashioned, were laid on the sugar-basin; from the cupboard, too, was produced a tidy silver cream-ewer, not larger then an egg-shell.
Peerybingle knew it, perfectly, as she sat musing before the hearth.
To have a Cricket on the Hearth, is the luckiest thing in all the world
Sometimes, in the twilight, when I have felt a little solitary and down-hearted, John--before baby was here to keep me company and make the house gay--when I have thought how lonely you would be if I should die; how lonely I should be if I could know that you had lost me, dear; its Chirp, Chirp, Chirp upon the hearth, has seemed to tell me of another little voice, so sweet, so very dear to me, before whose coming sound my trouble vanished like a dream.
Then, Dot--quite well again, she said, quite well again--arranged the great chair in the chimney-corner for her husband; filled his pipe and gave it him; and took her usual little stool beside him on the hearth.
And as he soberly and thoughtfully puffed at his old pipe, and as the Dutch clock ticked, and as the red fire gleamed, and as the Cricket chirped; that Genius of his Hearth and Home (for such the Cricket was) came out, in fairy shape, into the room, and summoned many forms of Home about him.
As I brought another of the ragged chairs to the hearth and sat down, I remarked a new expression on her face, as if she were afraid of me.
I looked into the room where I had left her, and I saw her seated in the ragged chair upon the hearth close to the fire, with her back towards me.
Hearth offers an opportunity to meet, talk and create with four authors over a weekend of writingrelated activity.
Stone hearths of Manas are considered archaeological monuments.
It is of archeological and ecological interest to document species of mussels that were recovered at the hearth site and to compare relative abundance from this mussel midden with the mussel assemblage currently found in the Verdigris River.
This phrase can be applied to the unending wonder that pours down to us from the starry universe and which we in turn find stirred up from within us: the "unextinguished hearth.
All consumers and industry trade professionals, are invited to watch Chef Mike prepare a variety of artisan pizzas and other delicious foods on the Wood Stone Hearth Oven then sample the mouth-watering results.
Key words: Paleoeskimo, Pre-Dorset, Dorset, Thule, demography, settlement patterns, longhouse, hearth row