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Synonyms for heartbroken

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Synonyms for heartbroken

full of sorrow

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In A New Account of Tales of the World (Shishuo xinyu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], an early literary sketch by Liu Yiqing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (403-44) (18), a story is told about a female gibbon who died heartbrokenly because her son was raped by a human being.
Heartbrokenly missed) - Sister Kathleen and Family x JOHNSON - MARGARET.
(200) She "wept heartbrokenly" and departed, leaving George depressed over what he considered his inept handling of the controversy.
Bridget Jones famously deals with the dilemma in 2004 film The Edge of Reason, when her presumed love-rival Rebecca confesses she is actually "totally, heartbrokenly smitten with you".
Ho, says Mummy heartbrokenly. The boy hiccups and careens off into another wail.