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Synonyms for heartbroken

Synonyms for heartbroken

full of sorrow

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Our family are completely heartbroken after losing Ross," said his mum Carol, who worked with lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to secure a settlement.
GUTTED Heartbroken Caroline shared this disco ball snap on Instagram, and left, ex, Jack
The children are heartbroken, Phoebe thinks she is going to come back one day - they were both inseparable.
Keith, a network manager at Blackwood Comprehensive School, said: "Poor Koby is devastated and heartbroken.
heartbroken "I never thought I'd be feeling this way or ever have to deal with my brother being murdered or my family being hurt so bad.
Ahmed Al-Saffar, the brother of Mrs al-Hilli's dead mother, said: "The victims' family and I are heartbroken by this shocking crime and we have been touched by the expressions of sympathy from people all over the world.
I can reveal he has barely stopped crying (and neither has his mum Anne, who is heartbroken for him).
And feeling lost and feeling heartbroken, and feeling single for the first time in your adult life, at the very moment you become a little bit famous, is quite a potent mix.
We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief," the family said in a statement.
Lever believes Jenny and Isabella, who were likely lifelong companions and probably even sisters, have been heartbroken since the auction.
If he was the man described in the book, he would be heartbroken.
These girls were heartbroken last year and they're hungry to win it all.
When the mother gives Rapunzel away because she can't stand the sight of her, her father is heartbroken, but he honors the pact.
Truly, they came out of prison poor, heartbroken, captive, with languid spirits and lives in ruins.
Miranda is heartbroken, but refuses to mention their marriage.