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Synonyms for heartbreak

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Synonyms for heartbreak

mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair

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Synonyms for heartbreak

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

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Neither the law nor religion gives heartbreak as justification to take a life.
It is a crime to even attempt to take away our own life why, then, would one think it is right to kill someone because they bought them chips, a phone, lost our virginity to them or invested time in them?Let us encourage and help one another to be emotionally mature enough to accept rejection and heartbreak as this is, indeed, part and parcel of dating.
This might feel like same old Wolves, same old heartbreak, but believe me, it isn't.
They both suffered from immense heartbreak, and now, Rafe and Sami will find themselves seeking comfort in one another as they try to deal with their respective situations on the Friday, Dec.
In this, his sixth book of spiritually centered advice, Rinzler also discusses his own heartbreaks, and he provides counsel based on teachings and philosophy from Shambhala Buddhism.
As far as the physical, emotional or medical implications of a romantic break-up are concerned, they may not be much different from other kinds of heartbreaks. Yet due to the distinct nature of the relationship, it often becomes more difficult for the sufferer to emerge from it.
It relives the heartbreaks of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood as they make their first forays into the exquisite world of 18th century society.
"ARCTIC Monkeys were the last great British band," notes The Heartbreaks' drummer and propulsive songwriting force, Joe Kondras.
YOU would be hard-pressed to mistake The Heartbreaks for a 1960s American girl band, but that was the thinking behind the name.
I can't wait to see what 808s And Heartbreaks does."
He should take another pass at them after a few more heartbreaks.
Hundreds of readers shared their garden joys and heartbreaks with us, and Martha Jablow has assembled some of the best.
upto a little from except her theshould dangers Amnesty International should be pointing out its dangers and heartbreaks, not attempting to normalise oppression
The Lincoln Lawyer: Showing at Cineworld, Showcase and Vue The Heartbreaks: Ku Bar, Stockton Tonight.
Yes, we have had many heartbreaks in the past - in fact our history is littered with heartbreaks - but we are not defeated yet and we are not through fighting.