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Synonyms for heartbreaking

Synonyms for heartbreaking

causing or marked by grief or anguish

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That it was abhorrent and heartbreakingly cruel goes without saying.
YET another photo of a young man holding his two infant children who heartbreakingly will never see him again.
She later recounted their smouldering first meeting, saying: "When he walked in, he was so heartbreakingly beautiful it made me feel quite feeble.
Well they're certainly odd My wife and I found our visit to Amsterdam to be heartbreakingly sad.
It is wickedly observed - as Augusten and Greer lay by the LA pool watching their latest commercial be filmed, they moan about how hard their life is - but at times it is almost heartbreakingly sad.
Something's buried underneath that stony shell and gradually - heartbreakingly - Fox will tell us what it is.
Heartbreakingly for Michael's mother Anne - who emigrated to the US from Kilkeel, Co Down - it followed husband John's death in a blaze in 2001 which also claimed the lives of two colleagues.
I know the next few days will be vital in determining whether baby Jamie is indeed the perfect tissue match for his big brother, or whether heartbreakingly he too could carry the same rare and almost certainly fatal condition.
Originally the retired French international, who heartbreakingly had to sit out the World Cup Final in France three years ago after an undeserved red card, was reluctant to test himself in the blood and thunder of the Premiership.
The clinically insane Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Hill (1849-1911) has now been resurrected by none other than Georg Baselitz, long known to be, like many other Northern neo-Expressionists, a devotee of Hill's heartbreakingly demented drawings.
The reality for the people of Gaza is that heartbreakingly 1.
Larry Soliman's vocals have heartbreakingly beautiful quality, with a touch of the Thorn Yorke's about them.
Everything in this wonderful interpretation moved heartbreakingly towards Elgar's despairing sunset on a golden age
This is heartbreakingly obvious in the tragic killings in Iraq of Scots soldiers Gordon Gentle and Andy Craw.
The standout performances for me were Jacqui Smith heartbreakingly portraying a pregnant 15-year-old girl and Michael Bibb's poignant performance of a bored, lonely and ultimately disgraced politician.