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Synonyms for heartbreaking

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Synonyms for heartbreaking

causing or marked by grief or anguish

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One moment it's heartbreakingly sad, the next you're almost in tears of laughter.
After being on the organ donor waiting list for two years - and having two life-changing operations heartbreakingly cancelled at the last moment - she has now taken the search into her own hands.
But be warned, this docu about the plight of critically endangered orangutans in Borneo is also heartbreakingly sad.
"This mocks the seriousness of allergic disease and is heartbreakingly disrespectful to the families of those that have lost loved ones to anaphylaxis," the petition reads.
The narrative--especially Leigh's grief and guilt--is heartbreakingly real.
Named for a botched translation on a pirated Chinese copy of a Star Wars film, "Backstroke of the West" includes roughly a dozen projects dating from the late '90s to the present, including drawings, sculptures, and documentation of Rakowitz's many long-term projects marked by heartbreakingly beautiful gestures of replica and return.
Convincing, sympathetic and heartbreakingly inevitable, one to read with a tissue handy.
This heartbreakingly beautiful project presents 1,000 or so examples of those personalized epitaphs, along with compelling history and insight into Canada's conflicted memory of the Great War.
"In earlier work," notes Leslie, "we found that adult women were less likely to receive higher degrees in fields thought to require 'brilliance,' and these new findings show that these stereotypes begin to impact girls' choices at a heartbreakingly young age."
Heartbreakingly, for many of these children, this may be the only gift they receive.
DESPITE a hat-trick from Bangor-born Nathan Broadhead ensuring Wales finished their UEFA European Under-19 Championship qualifiers on a wining note, Geraint Williams' young side heartbreakingly failed to progress to the next stage.
"Idiot Boys: A Memoir" is a relentlessly funny, heartbreakingly sad, and ultimately philosophical look at the particular idiocy of boys and the universal stupidity of man.
With the complete obliteration of that building her body was heartbreakingly flung high into the air and landed on the Taff Vale Railway that runs along the entire length of "Bute-iful" Street.
A trip to the petrol station to fill up the tank so that we can just take off on an adventure was heartbreakingly expensive, but during the summer I like to keep us well topped-up Thankfully, I spend less in winter so there was a few quid in the savings pot to compensate.
We'll meet Holmes again, in many different guises, but few will be as heartbreakingly frail or haunting as this.