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Synonyms for heartbreaking

Synonyms for heartbreaking

causing or marked by grief or anguish

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Idiot Boys: A Memoir" is a relentlessly funny, heartbreakingly sad, and ultimately philosophical look at the particular idiocy of boys and the universal stupidity of man.
Heartbreakingly, he only recently learned of a letter sent to Barnardo's by Myra when he was 15: "I would truly like to get a letter from him," she wrote.
With the complete obliteration of that building her body was heartbreakingly flung high into the air and landed on the Taff Vale Railway that runs along the entire length of "Bute-iful" Street.
A trip to the petrol station to fill up the tank so that we can just take off on an adventure was heartbreakingly expensive, but during the summer I like to keep us well topped-up Thankfully, I spend less in winter so there was a few quid in the savings pot to compensate.
We'll meet Holmes again, in many different guises, but few will be as heartbreakingly frail or haunting as this.
Critique: Rarely has such an intimately personal and heartbreakingly painful memoir been presented with such unrelenting candor.
Along the way, she wrote stories about two of her trips for the Post that were so heartbreakingly recorded they caught the eye of HarperCollins, which gave her a $2.
Denmark heartbreakingly failed to qualify for the World Cup play-offs despite coming second in their qualifying group.
Set against the hardscrabble backdrop of northern Maine potato country, "Beneath the Harvest Sky" offers a heartbreakingly authentic, vividly realized account of adolescent frustration and yearning, as co-helmers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly draw upon their documentary background to bring specific local texture to this familiar narrative terrain.
After years of heartbreakingly close calls, Arvind Mahankali from Bayside Hills, conquered his nemesis, German, and correctly spelled "knaidel," a word for a small mass of leavened dough, to be adjudged the winner of the competition on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported.
THE heartbreakingly groundbreaking Cutting Edge: The Murder Workers.
You could be having the most mundane conversation about the weather, and she hears the word 'action,' and she would deliver the most nuanced, layered, heartbreakingly beautiful scene and look at you like she just tied her shoe.
The buoyant scherzo of the third movement and heartbreakingly personal fourth, carried along by the harp, swept the 72-minute symphony to its dramatic conclusion that wasmet with a gasp of breath and a spontaneous cheer from an enthusiastic Philharmonic audience.
Williams harnesses the normally chaotic layers of fuzz and grime that crust over his music, singing heartbreakingly direct advice to himself: You know you're always gonna be this lonely in the end/You're always gonna be that guy without those friends.