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Synonyms for heartbreaking

Synonyms for heartbreaking

causing or marked by grief or anguish

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It was heartbreaking work for people in the state of exhaustion in which we then were, but we clung tenaciously to it.
The last moments were the most harassing and heartbreaking of all.
Hysterical, poignant, and sometimes even heartbreaking, these storytellers bring it all to the stage.
Her words here were so powerful and so heartbreaking - none more so than when she was describing the day of two-year-old James's funeral.
Caroline Michelle This is heartbreaking - that poor girl must have felt the lowest she could ever feel.
This Is Us" left off in a pretty heartbreaking place, and the Pearsons aren't going to resolve their issues this week or even this month.
A memory that is both heartbreaking and yet full of heart," Karan tweeted.
RSPCA animal collection officer, Cara Gibbon, who picked up the kittens, said: "It is heartbreaking to think that somebody dumped these poor, defenceless kittens like this.
Jo Shankland wrote: "Utterly heartbreaking, a young mum not getting to see her baby grow up.
Attenborough said: "Plastics are of crucial importance - and it's heartbreaking of course.
MANCHESTER 100 Days After the Attack on ITV was a heartbreaking tribute to victims of the cowardly suicide bombing at The Manchester Arena the night of the Ariana Grande concert.
So brave of the family CLAIRE WINDSOR: Absolutely heartbreaking such admiration for Rhys's family though.
HEROIC Elizabeth Cooney has come forward to share her heartbreaking story which highlights just how vital blood donation is.
Simon Michaels added: "It's hard to believe something like this has happened, it's heartbreaking.