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A man decides to remain celibate for 40 days after a heart-rending break-up - only to fall head over heels in love.
They are not all heart and flower verses Some are poignant, heart-rending, even raucous.
NEVER mind the volcano, Japanese earthquake, war in Afghanistan, Haiti famine, people living in rubbish tips in Nigeria and South Africa, it was almost heart-rending to hear the terrible plight of the self-proclaimed self-pity Club having to travel in Untold Luxury to get to play football in Madrid.
JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford said: "The scale of the devastation is unimaginable and it's heart-rending to see the human suffering.
The casualties include managing director Paul Quinlan, who described the demise of the business as heart-rending.
FOLLOWING a fantastic night celebrating my 40th birthday with family and friends on Friday, August 28, a dreadful heart-rending disaster was avoided, thanks to a taxi driver from Delta Taxis.
Supporting performances invigorate even the smallest of roles, as the meandering narrative reaches its inevitable, heart-rending conclusion.
It is truly heart-rending to see the suffering of the people there, especially the children, but there are two sides to this conflict and the children of both sides are being killed or maimed.
The BBC should be congratulated on such a moving and heart-rending production.
An entrancing, and at times heart-rending chronicle.
A heart-rending account of the pain and suffering thousands of parents in America undergo each year, written in solemn commiseration with others who have experienced terrible loss.
Left alone by his three student compatriots, poet Rudolfo is disturbed by a neighbour, Mimi, after which the first of many heart-rending declarations of love burst forth over surging accompaniment.
Next comes heart-rending details about the murder of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff David March and his killer's immediate escape to Mexico.
It offers a graphic depiction of the inevitable frustration of a society that places wealth above love as the Cameroonian author interweaves traditional African culture and modern politics to capture the urban African psyche in compelling and heart-rending style.
The first single, "What Hurts the Most," sums up the trio's gold-spinning formula: a heart-rending ballad about lost love, sweetened by honeyed harmonies and a soaring, instantly likeable chorus.