heart-lung machine

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a pump to maintain circulation during heart surgery

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But the heart-lung machine carries a small risk of complications, including stroke.
It also said there is ''no causal link between the defendant's operation of the artificial heart-lung machine and the death,'' dismissing the prosecutors' appeal of the 2005 Tokyo District Court decision that cleared Sato.
A surgeon connects the patient to the heart-lung machine by inserting tubular instruments, called cannulas, into the proper blood vessels to bypass the heart and lungs.
In a news release issued Sunday, the San Bernardino County Coroner's Office said the immediate cause of death was a ``cardiac perforation'' that occurred when hospital officials put Thornton on a heart-lung machine ``in a desperate attempt to sustain life.
In the second technique, called hemocon-centration, the child's blood, which normally would be left behind in the heart-lung machine, is retrieved.
Children don masks and gowns, walk into a simulated operating room with an EKG machine, respirator, ventilator, heart-lung machine, and other instruments, then "implant" the device in a mannequin.
Alcard holds a leading position in the Brazilian heart-lung machine market.
A team of two doctors at the hospital conducted the surgery with the help of a heart-lung machine.
If life has been sustained by a heart-lung machine, there are strict criteria to be fulfilled before declaring brain death.
We hoped the ventilator would allow us to get him well enough that he wouldn't need to be put on a heart-lung machine," he added.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a compact, lightweight, mobile heart-lung machine, a first for any manufacturer worldwide.
He was then taken to an operating theatre and put on a heart-lung machine to relieve pressure on his heart and circulate his blood during surgery.
Sato, who was a member of the girl's medical team at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, was arrested and indicted in 2002 for allegedly operating her artificial heart-lung machine improperly and causing her to develop a brain disorder and eventually die.
The reason(s) for this are not entirely clear but may relate to use of the heart-lung machine to which your blood circulation was connected as a "substitute heart" when your own heart was stopped to make repairs.
With the patient maintained on a heart-lung machine, the surgical team excised the heart's upper chambers and used tissue from a cow's heart sac to fashion new atria, the heart's upper chambers.