heart surgeon

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a specialist in cardiology

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This is an exciting advance for sure--if it works" over the long term, says heart surgeon Richard D.
uk/multimedia TOP FIVE 1 Bogus doctor jailed for pretending to be heart surgeon landed Liverpool University job 2 Tory MP Christopher Chope roundly condemned for Hillsborough debate move 3 Home Bargains group hits record figures and plots further expansion 4 Gang pair who covered up Rhys Jones murder to be released 5 Mersey junior football clubs threatened with FA sanctions for printing match reports
Bremner has been described as the heart surgeon without a heart.
A WOMAN who had a heart attack on a plane was saved by cabin crew - and a heart surgeon and doctor who were on board.
Other speakers included Dr RaheemKhan, a retired heart surgeon from London, and Robin Marsh, secretary of the UPF UK.
A British research team led by a world-renowned heart surgeon has grown part of a human heart from stem cells for the first time.
You shouldn't flip off that guy who cut you off in traffic because he just might end up to be the heart surgeon who saves your life.
A SUSPENDED heart surgeon has returned to work after nearly two years.
This last one obviously applies only to heart surgeons, if you are not a heart surgeon and find yourself doing open heart surgery, put everything back where you found it, and get the hell out of there.
Scots star Denis Lawson bows out of Holby City (BBC1, Tonight, 8pm) as arrogant heart surgeon Tom Campbell Gore after he is exposed for tampering with the organ donation system.
a heart surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Consultant heart surgeon Leslie Hamilton said: "These figures are a stark reminder high blood pressure is a major health issue for the UK.
THE respected heart surgeon who saved the life of former Liverpool FC manager Gerard Houllier is retiring.
RE: two-page spread referring to a dedicated heart surgeon Dr Mattu (Telegraph, July 30).