heart rate

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the rate at which the heart beats

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Your heart rate is the single best indicator of your health and at LifeTrak, we believe if everyone were able to read their heart rate more accurately, they could live healthier lives.
Your resting heart rate might typically measure between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm).
Launching its preorder channel globally today is PulseOn, the new wearable heart rate monitoring device that tracks a user's heart rate continuously without the need for a chest belt.
Superfans" watching the same game were hooked up to heart rate monitors inside the Anfield stadium in Merseyside and in local bars.
The Runner Cardio accurately measures heart rate with a MioA optical sensor, which monitors changes in blood flow by shining light through the skin.
You will use your heart rate as your personal tachometer as you raise it to between 85-95% of max and then slow it down until you reach a recovery at 70% MHR.
In this analysis, men with a baseline heart rate of 79 beats per minute or greater had a statistically significant, 56% increased incidence of heart failure, compared with men with an entry heart rate of less than 69 beats per minute, said Dr.
Macones to discuss the management of fetal heart rate tracings and the implications of the various categories on fetal wellbeing or the lack thereof.
Resting + 20 (2) is the simplest method of calculating the maximum heart rate limit: resting heart rate + 20 beats per minute.
By wearing a monitor, you know what your heart rate is to ensure you are working out effectively to lose weight.
2] / heart rate regression issue, little attention has been given to the standard error of the regressions.
Researchers claim that the normal range for heart rate is misleading and that patients with a heart rate over 80 beats per minute are at an increased risk for heart complications.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a study showed that an elevated resting heart rate that develops or persists during follow-up is associated with a significantly increased risk of death, whether from heart disease or other causes.
By knowing at what percentage of maximal heart rate you are running, you are empowering yourself to adjust exertion in more subtle ways throughout the run.
Students commonly investigate the effects of chemical agents on heart rate in Daphnia.