heart murmur

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an abnormal sound of the heart

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Explaining the physiology of murmurs and the need for such a device, Dr Shekhar told Gulf News: "A heart murmur is an aACAyextra' sound riding over the aACAylub-dub' sound of a beating heart.
Animal-lover Robyn Cairney, 20, feared her plans for a career in sports therapy were over when she collapsed and was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart murmur.
Bobbie also has a slight heart murmur, but no signs of heart disease.
Since early 2009, veterinarians on the Mobile Dog Heart Health Tour have checked the hearts of more than 5,000 dogs around the country and found a previously undetected heart murmur in approximately 20 percent of them.
Natalie began suffering from headaches in February last year and as her condition worsened she began vomiting, suffering from chest pains, breathlessness and weakness that sometimes left her unable to get out of bed, and eventually a heart murmur.
We discovered he had a heart murmur, a vet came out and he wasn't improving, It wouldn't have been fair to the horse to continue in that condition.
She said: Blackie had numerous health problems including a severe heart murmur and the vet recommended he was put to sleep on humane grounds The RSPCA has a strong reputation of re-homing elderly animals and the very difficult decision regarding Blackie was purely based on welfare grounds and would not have altered had the RSPCA known about his deceased owner's will.
Murphy discovered she had a heart murmur during her teens.
Q Our Cavalier King Charles spaniel has a heart murmur.
The heart murmur systolic ejection second left interspace and heart murmur diastolic decrescendo second left interspace.
The eight factors identified as significant determinants of risk for developing atrial fibrillation were age, gender, body mass index, systolic blood pressure, treatment for hypertension, PR interval, significant heart murmur, and heart failure.
Blomquist that Hogue had been diagnosed with a heart murmur, even though in September 1996, Hogue had a history of a heart murmur during a routine physical exam.
Q: I was born with a heart murmur, and it has never really bothered me.
Except for a slight heart murmur, he was pronounced cured at 17.
Other topics include object representation using geodesic levels, heart murmur classification with the SVM technique, manufacturing test data analysis, VoIP design for advertising services, and heuristic road extraction.
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