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A strong heart line reveals a person who needs to get involved.
COM Rihanna The Firecracker "Rihanna has a very passionate heart line, but it isn't fully expressed.
Hnicer person is taking the eda result, her career line show"The top of he bending slightly s need to do th "The star the point w ring finger m spent our c please other know what w "She has a heart line, ind unsupported i relationship.
She has a few Xs hanging off her heart line, indicating she feels unsupported in her intimate relationship.
Her career line has a healthy start and follows through straight and clear until it hits her heart line where it stops - showing she is career-focused, a hard worker who follows through until her heart gets in the way.
A star on the Heart Line means good luck in love or new romance.
The first place to look is the heart line, the line that runs at the top of the palm from beneath the little finger across the palm.
A curved heart line indicates a more masculine approach - pro-active, outgoing and aggressive.
A long heart line indicates high expectations in love.
Clifford says a person with a curved heart line ending under the middle finger is highly sexual but perhaps cannot be reached emotionally.
SIGNS of high standards are a high set life or head line, a curved heart line ending directly under the index finger and long fingers or a Simian line (when the head and heart lines merge into a one track-like line across the palm - showing a one-track approach to life.
SIGNS of a spontaneous personality with an `anything goes' attitude are widely- spaced fingers, the thumb held away from the palm and a wide space between the head and heart lines.
VERY private or secretive people have a short ring finger, fingers that are held closely together, the thumb held closely to the palm, closely tied head and life lines and heart lines running close together.
A strong heart line reveals a hotbed of emotions and warns of relationships, or sex, dominating thoughts and actions.
The heart line is strong, which indicates that she is really quite a lovable character.