heart and soul

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Paul, seen |here in a series of pictures with family and friends, was described as the 'heart and soul' of the town, as The Gazette reported, below, after his life was cut tragically short i My
This July, people from across Europe will gather in Caux, Switzerland, to seek understanding, sharing, reflection, transformation, discussion and action that can reach deep into the heart and soul of Europe and help transform our hope for justice, peace and harmony.
Ulric wins her heart and soul and makes her his mortal companion, renamed Lilith.
Dana Johnson's first collection of short stories, Break Any Woman Down (Anchor Books, August 2003) poignantly investigates affairs of the heart and soul. A collection that critics compare to Sapphire's Plash, Johnson explores the nuances of race, class and gender.
Camping is all these, but the heart and soul of camping -- the great purpose of camping -- is infinitely more than these.
bolstered the Heart and Soul Campaign in Greater Sudbury with a $2-million donation on Dec.
Moreover, for the Shakers, who practice celibacy, dancing not only manifests joy, it is also effective in "shaking out" the evils of carnal desire or mind and helping a person live a "virgin" life, pure in heart and soul. In their words: "Dance is the greatest gift that ever was made for the purification of the soul." God created dancing as a human talent, and called them to devote all of their vital powers to His service.
"Time Stood Still" is another in a string of love songs by Madonna that proves that while the Material Girl might be physically planted in the material world, her heart and soul are seeking higher planes.
Installed in a South London warehouse, "Heart and Soul" included everything from paintings and photographs to sci-fi gizmos, computer-aided images, and flowers--in other words, lots of stuff and plenty of ideas.
The heart and soul of The Old Settler reside in the vignettes, those wonderful moments in the play when the characters reveal deeply rooted cultural and spiritual truths.
With a $12 million budget and a staff of more than 200, Davis recalls that, "he learned that the cultural arts are the heart and soul of any city." Yet, even though he loved his job, the Dennison, Texas, native felt he needed to do something to make more of a difference.